Thursday, 5 April 2012

The 'Perfect' Messy Bun Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're all good! My exams are approaching which means I'm trying to study as much as possible which is why there have been such a lack of posts. I just need to drag myself away from Kardashians and I'm sorted!

Today I'm going to do my first tutorial woo! This is an everyday/ I can't be bothered styling my hair bun. I really like this as its simple but really nice. Also, I seen a lot of the models in ELLE  with messy buns so I think its a really popular style right now.

1. Start with your regular hair. This style pretty much works on any hair. My hair is naturally straight so I just work with that but I think it's better to curl beforehand for added texture. 
2. Backcomb your hair for volume.
3. Backcombed hair. Not overdone.
4. Gather your hair as if you were putting it in a high ponytail.
5. Twist.
6. Continue twisting until the hair twists round on itself.
7. A knot-bun is created. Tie it in place with a bobble.
8. Begin pulling apart the twisted bun. You should find that because it is twisted there are layers below layers so pull them too.
9. Fix any fallen pieces into place with kirbies. 
10. To be extra secure I place four kirbies around the bun.
11 & 12. Finished result :)

So that's it! Hoped you liked my first tutorial, comment below if you would like to see more!


  1. i love messy buns, they are so effortless yet look great. great post, i love how you did the pictures, very cool :) xx

    1. I know me too they're so easy and fun! Thanks, like I said I quite enjoyed it so I think I'll do more :)xx

  2. Great tutorial, Julz! I can't do this myself as my hair is too short, but the tutorial is so easy to follow! I can imagine being able to do this if my hair was longer, and I'm rubbish with hair! So it was great! :)

    1. Thanks! Aw yeah, well definitely try if you ever decide to grow it. That's really good to hear :) Thanks again xx

  3. Fab tutorial! Messy buns are always a live saver for me!

    Follower :) - would love if you could check out mine and follow if you like it maybe?

    Becca x

    1. Thank you! I know they so are :) Great thanks I'll check it out xx

  4. Love this hairstyle, so simple yet pretty girly. I cheated though and have bought a hair bun, I am so useless at styling my hair. But this tutorial is great, and I may have to use it for a lower, looser bun. Thanks! Sam xx

    1. Thanks yeah I agree it is! Oh I bought a hair bun too though it got a bit tangled with clasps in my drawer and there's big bits hanging out-oops! Definitely, I done this in my friend and it was lower and it was really nice xx