Sunday, 29 April 2012

My Favourite Bloggers and Youtubers

Hi Everybody :)

So, as you might know, I can become quite overly obsessed with things (hence the name Julz' Obsessions). I thought I would share with you the bloggers and youtubers that I absolutely love and tell you how I found them in the hope that you'll find a couple that you've not heard of before. These are blogs and channels that I cannot go a day without checking. I'll do it in order of which I found first as funnily enough many of them link to each other!
Not only is this a blog, but its a fully functioning social networking site. I love Lauren Conrad, she is so pretty and her style is amazing. This was the first blog I became interested in, I think that was just over a year ago.
This site is run by Lauren Conrad, her hair stylist and her make up artist. Honestly, if you've never visited- do so immediately! The tutorials are amazing :)
During The X Factor last year I fell in love with Caroline Flack's style and I searched the internet desperately to discover where she got her clothes. Then I discovered this little site. It is amazing for finding out where all different celebrities buy their clothes, and a lot of them are surprisingly within my price range!
The true blogspot I found and became obsessed with. I actually found the girl who writes this on twitter as she tweeted shesasecretshopper. It just proves, twitter really does get your blog out there! Anyway, I read this blog religiously and it was actually reading this that inspired me to start my own. One day I just thought: "Hey, I could do this!" I also very much enjoy Corrie's YouTube channel, she is so daft sometimes- I guess that's the reason for the name dizzy!

I have followed Zoella's blog for a while and was always eager to read new posts when they came up on my dashboard. However, over the last few weeks I have been watching all of Zoella's youtube videos and I love them! Her hauls are fab and I am so inspired by her. 

I found Louise through Zoella and I cannot explain how amazing they are together in youtube videos. I literally sit, alone in my room, crying with laughter at the Zoella and Louise's joint videos! I also love Louise individually, she is such a happy person and just has a really optimistic outlook. Definitely watch her videos for a cheer-me-up.

I absolutely love this blog. The design and content is basically my dream blog- vintage, cute outfits, florals and so much more. I could scroll through every post ever written because it just interests me so much and I think out of all the blogs mentioned I aspire for my blog to be like this one most (except with elements of DizzyBrunette3 and Zoella).

Is actually my real life friend! We used to joke that we bought so much beauty products that we should start blogs and now we actually have. I would definitely recommend checking out her blog. She is so funny, has such a unique sense of style and is into a lot of the things I am (Soap & Glory)!

Well I think that's it! I love all of these amazing blogs and hope one day to be as successful as them. What are your favourite bloggers and youtubers?

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