Sunday, 15 April 2012

Edinburgh's Soap & Glory Offerings

Hi everyone!

How are we all? I've hardly posted at all this week because I'm in full study mode for my exams which start in 9 days- arghh! So this is me just getting around to post about my trip to Edinburgh last weekend. 

I was actually at a car-boot sale and I was on the fifth stall and a bright pink jar caught my eye. Of course I marched right over and yes, it was the Soap & Glory Yum at Heart Christmas set- brand new! The lady said she had also got the Big Splendour for Christmas (jealous!) so didn't want this set too. She said it was £5 and it had originally retailed for £16 so I got it yay!

The tin is a gorgeous cookie jar and inside is a S&G apron, The Breakfast Scrub (RRP £9) and Hand Food (RRP £5). Not too shabby a deal eh?

So I was extremely happy with that and later I was in a charity shop. Usually my mum drags me in and I can't stand them but guess what I spotted?! 

This make up bag must be from the very early days of Soap & Glory as the colours are completely different from what they are now. I was so shocked I thought "I have to post about this!". What do you think of it? Have you ever seen anything like it?

So that's it- Edinburgh's dose of Soap & Glory. I found it really interesting finding my favourite brand in such unlikely places and its made me want to go to car-boot sales every weekend to see if I can find any more luckies!


  1. Ohhh amazing bargain! I really want to try The Breakfast Scrub, I have Flake Away and its great but it would be nice to see if the other Soap and Glory Scrubs are any good :)
    Linzi xx

    1. Thanks I know isn't it! Oh yes you should definitely it smells like sticky toffee pudding-yum! Cool I would love to try that! xx

  2. I bought my mum the soap and glory set for her birthday, the breakfast scrub smells SO good!

  3. Aw that's lovely! I know it's amazing I can't wait to try it :) xx