Thursday, 12 April 2012

Edinburgh in Instagrams

Hi all :)

So this weekend I was in Edinburgh and thought I'd share my trip with you all by the instagrams I have taken! Stay tuned for more posts Edinburgh themed including a Soap and Glory treat and my shopping haul! 

  • Starbucks for the journey yum
  • Flowers in the hotel lobby
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • My amazing desert
  • Flamingo in the zoo!
  • Sadly we couldn't see the actual pandas so this is the next best thing
  • This guy is amazing
  • Me- realised after 1 and a half years that my phone has a camera on the front :o
  • Easter treats from my very creative mum!
  • Victorian dress with a gorgeous lace collar- I would actually wear this
  • Scary mask but nice colours
  • Ancient Egyptian necklaces which reminded me of this season's tribal/Aztec trend
That's all from me tonight :)


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