Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Fave Neutral Polish

Hi :)

Hope everyone's good, I'm finally gaining a few members yay! So today I thought I'd tell you about my absolute favourite nail polish brand- Make Up Academy, and their gorgeous neutral/nude shade. 

It is the most basic MUA nail varnish in Shade 19. I have been on the lookout for the perfect shade for a while now and this is exactly it. It is nude, but not peachy and it actually has grey/ slightly lilac undertones. It  is neutral enough not to steal focus from your outfit but at the same time it brightens up a bland day! Nail polish gives a very shiny finish and will last days without chipping, meaning there is no need for an overcoat. 

I also love the brush of this nail varnish. MUA is the only brand I have come across so far which have square-shaped brushes, and I think that polish applies to the nails so much better with this type of brush. Especially for me, as I have short nails (which I am forever attempting to grow and failing) I think this goes on so well and unlike other brands it barely leaks from the nail.

And want to know the best part? This amazing polish is only £1! I think its almost miraculous that such a good nail varnish costs this little. Whenever I have the urge to try out outrageous new shades, I always turn to MUA because I tell myself if I do not like the colour, it doesn't matter! MUA is such a fun brand to experiment with because your not wasting lots of money buying it. 

Want to buy one for yourself? Pop into Superdrug or visit

That's all from me today,  I'm off to have a hot chocolate and watch the Kardashians, hope everyone has a great night!

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