Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Summer 2014 Primark Haul

Hey Everyone!
When I initially set out to do this post, it was going to be a collective haul but in the process of picture taking I realised that I've bought enough from Primark over the past few weeks to justify a whole post of its own. Primark hauls (both videos and blog posts) are probably my favourites as it gives you a chance to see whats in store. 
I've been buying mainly for my holidays to Portugal and Greece (which are both really soon woo!). I try not to spend too much on summer clothes because I don't get a whole lot of wear out of them as the Scottish weather is so unpredictable (though for once this year it has been pretty decent). I've also found myself going around Primark picking up random bits and bobs and thinking 'I'll find somewhere to wear that!'.
My most recent purchases are the pink playsuit (£14), printed trousers (£11) and foil tee (£8). I love the playsuit and trousers- they're both surprisingly comfortable and they don't look like they're from Primark at all (although I have a feeling that the trousers will be seen on everyone and their granny in the next few weeks). I was, and still am, a little uncertain about the foil top as something about it reminds me of wrapping paper. 
I've never noticed in previous years but this summer Primark's range of swimwear is fab. I personally don't see the point in spending over £30 on a bikini in Topshop (although they are gorgeous) if you're just going to wear it a couple of times when you can get one for just over £10 in Primark. I can't remember exact prices for the rest of my loot because its been a while since I bought it but I think the sunglasses were all between £2 and £3. The cami tops (<£4) are really light and comfortable although I do feel the need to wear a strapless bra underneath rather than having straps showing. I loved the colours of the tropical top (~£4) although its a bit see through. As you can see, I've been suffering a bit of an addiction to the printed shorts. These are loose and pyjama-like which is perfect for the warm weather and paired with one of the cami tops they make a cute, lightweight outfit. Finally, the denim shorts £10 are a really good fit and are similar to ones for treble the price in Topshop. Also worth mentioning, but not photographed, is my new silicon mint phone case which I got for only £1. Considering the difficulty I've faced trying to get a reasonable priced cover- I thought I'd share. Despite Primark's affordable prices, my bank account is still crying itself to sleep at night after all this. The same cannot be said for me though- I'm so excited to wear it.
What have you picked up in Primark lately?
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  1. Oh I love the swimwear pieces!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. Me too I'm so excited to hit the pool xx

  2. Lovely finds, I have a pair of those floral shorts too - great taste ;) haha

    Style Sunrise ☀


    1. Haha snap!! They're so comfy and cute! xx