Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Sunday Post #15

Hey Everyone!

Today we another installment of my instagram pictures! I keep forgetting to actually post them so they all go up at once when I remember I'm going to be writing this post. 

I've really enjoyed this week- though it has went in crazy fast! I was actually shocked on Friday night at how quickly the weekend arrived. This week school work kind of caught up with me (the 'I'm not doing anything this year' attitude didn't last long!) so I've started trying to get myself organised regarding different subjects. I also went to a university open day this week which was amazing! Although I'm a bit apprehensive about such a change of environment, I'm actually quite looking forward to starting uni this time next year. I've also had a really nice, quiet weekend. Its been ages since I just sat in with Chinese food and watched The X Factor- and I actually really enjoyed it. Ok enough random rambling- onto the pictures.
From left to right and down:
I've been working on my nail polish collection post woop | So much school work... so little time | How cool is this sink?! We were bathroom shopping on Sunday as we're getting a new one installed | I ate these in one night and I'm not even ashamed. Ok I am a little. Eek- I need to start exercising | I painted my nails white at the beginning of the week. It didn't last long (I peel off most nail polish) but it was nice while it lasted | Yesterday I had a major clear out- I'm such a hoarder and need to just let stuff go | The pictures I got in Africa are finally up on my wall yayy! This one is actually made out of banana skin | I found this super cute book while clearing out- its filled with little cute and positive affirmations | I love this little rose printed box- perfect for storing kirbies

So that's pretty much everything! I sometimes think The Sunday Post is more of a diary and may not interest many of you- I hope I haven't sent you to sleep!

How was your week?
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