Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A Little Pinspiration... Hair Change Up

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Hey Everyone!

You may already know this, but Pinterest is my one stop shop for inspiration- for everything! Lately I've been considering doing something completely different to my hair: if I can't do it at this age- I probably never will. So first off, I wanted to be drastic and go purple or pink. I have no idea how that would look on me- but it sure looks fab in these pictures. Then, I moved onto a more realistic honey/ ash blonde colour. I'd like to do it around May (so I have time to make sure I actually want to do it!). Don't you just wish you could dye your hair and if it was a mess you could click undo? I'm also a bit worried about wrecking my hair- as, despite all this, I actually quite like how it is at the mo! I'd really appreciate any advice anyone of you can offer of going from dark-light or dark-colour :)

This was a weird kind of word vomit post haha- this is what happens when I write late at night! Which pin is your favourite?
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  1. I think it would be cool to go pink for purple. Two summers ago I went tlilac i loved my hair then. It faded to gray for a bit after that.

    My only word of advise is when you go lighter please promise me you'll get it done by a professional. Just take that one piece of advise.

    1. Thanks for the advice!! That's really encouraging :) Oh of course- would be terrified to do it myself xx

  2. I am TOTALLY in the same boat as you!
    I really really want to die my hair and go slightly blonder but I actually kind of like my hair and the moment and I don't want to ruin it :/

    1. Hahaha indeed these are the problems we face- I'm so glad you understand!xx