Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Sunday Post #13 Update & Instagrams

Hey Everyone!

Well guess who is back on track with posting every second day? ME! *pats myself on the back* Now I'm using post planners and scheduling I am so much more organised! I've actually taken it to a whole new level and designed a blog organisation folder (let me know if you'd be interested in a post about that). 

So encase you're wondering, I'll be posting every other day plus Sunday's till the end of the month then in September I'll be posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Also, to keep the Sunday post interesting (?) I'm going to altar the format a little. I haven't set in stone what I'll be doing but every second week I'll post my instagrams instead of the usual favourites etc. 

From left to right and down:
Sitting down on my bed (as I am now!) to write some posts | My friends got me this magnet for my birthday- it sums me up pretty well I think! | This is Geoffrey the Giraffe- my African souvenir. Did you know giraffes are my favourite animal? | I ordered this leather jacket from H&M and absolutely love it. It came to only £20 (ish) including postage because of all the discount codes at the moment | Love a relaxing bubble bath | This is the. best. snack. ever | I bought Baby Lips yay! I've used it all week and love it- there will be a full review next month | Managed to keep this Topshop nail polish on all week without peeling it off- a record for me | Started reading this book for English- its really intense but so poignant

And that's my week! Let me know what you think of my scheduling plans and tell me how your week has been!
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