Thursday, 14 March 2013

Going On Without Google Reader...

Edit: Its now 2015 and using Blogger to read blogs still works- I guess it was a big panic over nothing. I use both GFC and bloglovin' now when following in case you're interested :)

Hey Everyone!

Firstly, apologies for the cheesy title. This is just a quick note about Google Reader shutting down on the 1st July. Although its awfully inconvenient for us all, we're just going to have to adapt. I think Bloglovin' is the best alternative to follow your favourite blogs- on their website they have a notice which allows you to import all the blogs you follow on Google Reader to Bloglovin' -simples! I've already added everyone I follow- make sure you do it too!

These are in the right sidebar but remember, you can follow Julz' Obsessions on:

I would very much appreciate if you all hopped over to these and give me a follow, especially Bloglovin' as I think that will replace Google Reader for many of us.

Let me know what you think about Google Reader shutting down in the comments. Oh and could someone explain what RSS feeds are?


  1. Hey Julz! :)

    I will be using
    I posted about it on my blog; if you'd like to take a look.

    It's pretty much like Google Reader; except {in my opinion} even better.
    I'm actually taking this as a good thing.

    I find the only negative is the fact that we can't watch our numbers grow.

    I actually get more excited about seeing how many page views I've had in any given day.
    I'm assuming this will be the way PR companies will choose who to work with.

    Here's my post if you'd like to take a look:

    If not; you should definitely check out feedly! :)

    xo, Nykki

    1. Hey Nykki!

      Thanks for stopping by. I checked out and I think if its just a Google Reader type thing I can go without, and stick to bloglovin. If your blogs on there I'll be following :)xx