Friday, 11 January 2013

Review | Barry M Dazzle Dust

Hey Everyone!

After much umming and arring over the Barry M counter in Superdrug for the last few weeks, I decided to pick up Barry M Dazzle Dust in Bronze for £4.49.
The reason I had been apprehensive to buy the eye shadow was the loose nature of its consistency- I had visions of it going everywhere at the slightest movement. However, to my relief, the powder stays firmly in its pot and even on application there is little fall out (as long as you're careful!)
The packaging is cute and simple, allowing you to see the colour of the shadow through the tub and holding a good amount of product but being dinky enough to take up almost no room in your makeup bag. It has a beautiful bronze colour; consisting of dense copperish powder with gold/metallic glitter flecks. I didn't think this colour alone was very flattering on my eyes as it was a little orange, so I blended in some matte brown which toned it down. The colour is massively pigmented- meaning a little goes a long way and it balances even with a bold lip.
I think this is a lovely product for a party or evening out and is great value for money. I definitely want to try out other shades!

What are your recommendations?


  1. I've never used the Dazzle Dusts - I'd be apprehensive of the fall out too, but I might try them! x

    1. Yeah you should-they're a lot better than I thought! xx

  2. I have tried these in the past and really liked them. The pots I have are still almost full, this colour is beautiful xx

  3. Aw this looks so nice! I really might have to buy some xx

  4. Such a gorgeous make-up look! I really like your blog and I am now following :)