Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Review | Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser

My skincare routine is awful. In fact, its pretty much non-existent. After me buying a selection of products to get my skin into shape, those products are lying in a drawer and I continue to use wipes to take my make up off. However, when my face wash ran out a few weeks ago, I swapped a rinse off cleanser into its place. Not a drastic change but one that I will stick to.
I have had Clinique's Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser for ages and knew I would get round to using it. It does pretty much what is says on the tin (or tube)- you massage it onto wet skin and it will act as a cleanser (but without the hassle of cotton wool pads etc). 

The formula strikes me as being very 'pure'. It has no fragrance or colour which implies to me that there are no added nasties. I use a pea size amount and it foams fairly well. It has a really rich, creamy consistency which reflects its quality. What really really impresses me about this product is that when I rinse it off, my skin is literally squeaky clean. My skin feels really hoovered out and is ready for moisturising. I can't say whether or not it has helped my spots as I think there are too many factors (weather, diet etc) which influence your skin. However, I can confidently say that this really cleans my skin, and is taking me a step closer towards a skincare routine. This type of cleanser definitely suits me best as I can easily incorporate it into my daily routine.

What cleanser do you use?
P.S - whoopa gangnam style :) 


  1. I tried this and I really didn't like it. I thought it was really drying, it made my skin feel really tight and horrible! Just goes to show that we all have different skin types and that's why some products work really well for some and not for others. Good job or we'd have nothing to blog about!!! xxx

    1. Oh really? My skin is normal/dry and it seems to like this! Though I moisturise everyday. Yeah totally that's what makes life interesting! xx

  2. I love Clinique products!! :)

    1. Me too I wish I could afford more! :P xx

  3. lovely review!
    It sounds really nice. I think at some point I'll be giving their skincare a go!
    hareem x