Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Instagram | The Last Fortnight In Pictures #13

I've actually tried to publish this everyday since Sunday and it just won't post argh! 3rd time lucky...
Hey Everyone! I can proudly say that for the last week I have been really focused with my studies- yet I have also managed to find a few hours for blogging/ YouTubing. I think the key is time management and I'm going to try and organise and use my time really effectively so I can do everything I want to. I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE this time of year. Everything is just so festive and everyone has got Christmas fever. Sadly, I'm A Celebrity has finished- though that does mean an extra 2 hours added onto my night. I really enjoyed the show this year (as always!) and was happy for either Charlie or Ashleigh to win. What did you think of the result?

 From left to right and down:
red nails | Thorntons Christmas Santa! | study study study | pretty soap packaging | quite proud of my wrapping skills! | cute handmade tree decorations | first night putting the fire on | sleeping in the library | pale blue and grey glitter nails | yo | advent calandar | lots of filming done yesterday | woo name spelled correctly | amazing lush parcels in store | how cute is this?

 What have you been doing in the past two weeks? Does anyone have their decorations up yet?


  1. I'm struggling at the minute to find time to blog with the pressures of my new job. But have written a post for tomorrow which will hopefully get me back on track again!

    Your fire looks so cozy, cannot wait to get back to Belfast for Christmas so I can lie and read next to mine! Not long now!!

    1. I'm the same with school- but I enjoy it so much that I will just need to make time! Good for you- I prewrite posts quite often :)

      Aw sounds lovely! When the fire goes on it means winter has truly arrived! xx