Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Celebrate | Happy Halloween!

Hey Everyone!

Is it me, or do you feel like Halloween this year seems like a much bigger deal than last year? Same with autumn. In fact, this year I've felt like each occasion usually taken for granted has been specially marked. I personally think its due to the blogging and Youtube world. Themed posts are cropping up in all directions, amazing DIY costumes are popping up in your sub box and you seem to instagram a heck of a lot more pictures of leaves (just me?) 

Although I'm not doing anything major for Halloween, I feel a great atmosphere surrounding it and felt like a little post was due to mark it. I thought I'd share some cute Halloween pictures I found on Pinterest:
Halloween banner
Cute Halloween pillows

How will you be celebrating Halloween? I will be staying away from the scary movies (still scarred from Paranormal Activity 4!). What are you dressing up as? I will post a picture of my costume if I remember to take one- I won't say what I'm going as but here's a clue- if you follow me you might find a pot of gold!

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