Sunday, 2 September 2012

Update | Little Chatty Post

Hey Everyone!

How are you? I thought I would write an updatey kind of post this evening (aka early hours of the morning) to fill you in on what I have been doing/ different things going on. Be warned, when I start writing at this time I go on, and on, and on.

So firstly, as many of you will know, school has started back and its pretty much full steam ahead. I'm already studying every night (well that's the plan...) as well as homework, my drama/ musical club thingy-mibobby and extra-currcular shiz (Zumba, netball etc). So life is super hectic and it leaves around half an hour of laptop time before I go to bed (and no time for soaps- sob) so posts are a bit few and far between at the mo, but thanks for sticking with me everyone!

Also, you might have noticed over the past 6 weeks I have been doing an instagram post on a Sunday. My instagram isn't really linked in with my blog, to be honest I just use it for the cool effects, but if you feel your life would be enriched by following me then do I am julz_obsessions although it is private and pretty much silent except once a week where I just upload everything. Anyway, I am actually going to cut the instagram post down to once a fortnight (still on a Sunday) because since being back at school my life is very samey-samey.
Lol I wanted to insert a picture to break up the post a bit- I hope you don't think I'm vain! This was me today :)

I haven't really got any interesting news make up wise except I'm going through a complete crisis with school in that my make up just will not stay on my face the full day- especially my mascara which gives me huge panda eyes after just a few hours wear (telescopic my friend, what are you doing?!) Oh in fact last night (Friday) I made my first ever order from ELF which I have actually been considering for ages and I just finally done it. I bought 5 things and I simply cannot explain my excitement for the parcel arriving (watch out for a haul, unboxing or review video!)

Also, some of you might remember in this post I mentioned that I bought shorts to cut, distress, bleach, dye, ombre and stud. Yea well that hasn't happened. So far the shorts are just hung up in my wardrobe, the dye in my drawer and the studs favourited on my google chrome bookmarks list. But it will happen, I just need to find some time and some nice weather (how I miss those long days of summer where I had no commitments!) I want to film it all in individual stages and make it like a 3 parter for my channel.

I think that's pretty much covered everything that's been going on with me lately. Oh I went to see The Keith Lemon Movie on Tuesday and I really liked it. To be honest, the actual movie storyline was awful, but if like me you LOVE Keith Lemon you will think the movie is great! On that note, Celebrity Juice is back- hooorahhh!! Oh and whilst I'm on the topic of TV, please comment if you watch Pretty Little Liars- I watched this weeks episode today and I am truly shocked/ horrified/ disturbed/ amazed! 

Let me know how you have been spending your time, and your thoughts on my escapades :)


  1. I start sixth form on thursday and I'm DREADING going back! I know, I know I've been on holiday since the 18th of June (that's two and a half months of lie ins btw) and the 7:30 alarm isn't going to go down well with me!
    Please do an unboxing haul of the elf things, I'd love to see what you chose!


    1. Oh wow you were off for soo long! I think I had six weeks and it went wayy too fast. Is sixth form the last year of high school in England? Oh man yep that is tough, but usually the first day is good, I actually loved my first day- going back and seeing everyone but then it kicks in that your only getting 8 hours sleep and its not good. Ooh ok! Its only five things so it might be short but maybe I'll do an unboxing and a review :)xx

  2. I know what you mean about the instragram updates, since going back to school I'm struggling to have enough photos x

    1. Yea sometimes I'm like 'Is there anything more to my life than school books?!' xx