Friday, 10 August 2012

Instagram | The Last Week In Pictures 4

Hey Everyone!

Its safe to say it looks like my 'Post-Everyday-In-Summer' plan has gone out the window. I did well for a couple of weeks there though, and I'll try get a post up per day till I go back to school. My week has been quite hectic again- this year has been so different from others because I have actually done stuff in the summer! So I went to Blackpool for a long weekend and I have just been enjoying the sun since I got back. Tonight was meant to be a night of like 6 blog posts but I got distracted by Big Brother (who is your fave?) and editing videos for YouTube.
off to Blackpool yay | major munch for the train | TATLER magazine- didn't enjoy it to be honest but the free mascara was good | rock shop yay | how postcardy is this aha? | sun sun sun | like my glowstick glasses? | Blackpool tower | my prizes from the amusements | cosmo which I enjoyed a lot | haulage - to record or not to record that is the question | orange nails

So guys its pretty late and I'm not making a great deal of sense any more so I'm going to finish up and go to bed (getting up early tomorrow to use time productively!)

How has your week been?


  1. I love your glow stick glasses, I've awarded you a liebster blog award :) x

    1. Haha thanks :) Ooh thanks- what is that? xx