Monday, 23 July 2012 Wishlist

Hey Everyone!

As I might have mentioned before, I am constantly in search of the 'perfect' shoes- ones which are weather proof and comfortable yet go with my outfits. If you have ever searched for such a pair, you will know that shoes like this are difficult, if not impossible to come by.

A few months ago, I placed an order with, a site which offers affordable shoes based on a variety of styles including those seen on celebrities. I admire this website for their original style. I often think high street shoes are just too out there and are too much for everyday wear. However, I feel like this site strikes the right balance between what is on trend and what is wearable. 

I was very impressed with the shoes I bought (you can read my post about them here) and since then, whenever I see a pair of shoes or boots I want in the likes of Topshop, I refer to shoeFashionista to see if they have similar pairs. As a result, I have grown quite a wishlist from their site which I thought I would show you all. 

I have seen these style of boots everywhere lately and I am really eager to buy a pair. They are really versatile and I think they would be super cute with socks and tights.
I am in love! I have an obsession with blue dresses and I think these would be the perfect, comfortable shoes to match them.
Ahh how pretty? My friend recently got a pair of glitter heels and when she showed me them I literally couldn't let them go. They're just like the iconic ones Carrie Bradshaw wears in SITC movie with the simple white dress.
Since seeing Kate Middleton sporting a pair of these, I want them! They are a staple shoe for every wardrobe and would match everything.
These probably aren't the most practical shoes in the world- but the girlie girl in me made me add them in. I am just in love with this hot pink colour!
Recently, I have been getting really into studs and I would really like a pair of shoes like this as they are so different from what I own and they are so cute! I'm also really into the mint colour- these would go perfect with my new mint blouse from Forever 21! (Featured in my Barcelona haul here)
All shoes linked to their source.
To me, these look like the perfect, cosiest pair of winter boots. And hey, I know its July, but lets face it, with the weather as it is these would be perfect right now.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of shoes I have my eye on! Of course I can't afford all of these, though its nice to imagine! My favourite are the top four, and I am seriously considering placing an order. After all its free shipping and returns- who could refuse! 

Which are your favourite? Have you ever bought anything from this website?


  1. I love the mint studded shoes! soo cute!