Sunday, 22 July 2012

OOTD | Barcelona Outfit No. 3

Hey Everyone!

This is my new playsuit from Primark and is what I wore on an evening out for dinner as it is quite dressy. 
I absolutely love it and it was only around £15. It has beautiful gold collar tips, lovely shimmery white and gold buttons, a blouse-like top and contrasting shorts. I want to get as much wear out of this as possible because I'm not sure how well it will translate to winter, though I guess it could make a return in summers to come. The only thing I don't like about it was that if you button it right up to the collar you can't sit down (I tried and it hurt) which is why I left a few buttons. Nevertheless, I would definetely recommend getting this its so cute and would be lovely for special occasions/ nights out. The flip flops were £1.90 from Primark and were good for the price as they went with pretty much everything and were comfortable. However, I binned them before I left because I tripped over my foot one day and the toe got all scuffed. But I got enough use out of them for the price.

I'm planning on doing my holiday OOTDs in a kind of beach/daytime/night time order so that it doesn't get too repetitive. Its weird, I normally do outfit posts like once a month and recently there's a new one every few days! That's what happens when I go on holiday- I'm beginning to think these posts will span the entire summer!

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