Thursday, 26 July 2012

Instagram | The Last Few Weeks In Pictures 2

Hey Everyone!

Well, I think I have finally found a posting series I can do every week without running out of ideas or getting bored- yep I'm looking at you Saturday Shopping and Tuesday Tip! At the moment I am loving instagram- I know it sounds cheesy but it helps you appreciate the small things in life and is a kind of diary of sorts. I'm one of those people who looks back and thinks hm I didn't do a lot this week but by looking at instagram I think oh I actually did heaps! So these are some pictures from the past week.
From left to right and down:
my French falsies done all by myself- review coming soon | seems like all I have been doing is going to classes and the gym! | bit of quality street indulgence | shabby chic frame from Ikea with a cupcake card as the photo | new pens for school woot | yummy tea | having a big clearout/ reorganisation | hey there | mid years resolution- wear more jewellery | argh found my school notes- so releasing to chuck these in the recycling | birthday present from a friend who obviously listens to my peter pan collar rambles- woo how pretty?! | well deserved Chinese take-away after a week at the gym | new bag- present from Turkey | mini haul- video coming soon | birthday present from another friend who knows how obsessed I am with Soap & Glory yay! | wardrobe clearout and organisation

How has your week been? Do you use instagram?

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