Monday, 18 June 2012

Review | The Body Shop Strawberry Collection

Hey Everyone!

During the reorganisation of my room, I decided that I should group all of my pampering products (eg. shower gel, body lotion and body butter) together so that its easier to rotate them and get through them quickly. I rediscovered my Strawberry Collection from The Body Shop that had lay in my drawer forgotten for a long time and I can't believe I haven't used it in so long!
Out of all the scents The Body Shop has to offer, I think this is my absolute favourite. It is so lovely that I actually want to eat the products sometimes (but don't worry, I don't!) It smells exactly like the strawberry perfume they used to do in Claire's (which I absolutely loved.) The smell lasts for hours on your skin and spreads through the whole room. I like using all the products in conjunction with each other so that I can just be like one big walking strawberry!
The Body Butter is extremely thick and moisturising. I use this in areas like knees and elbows that need real nourishing. This has the strongest strawberry scent of the collection which is lovely though it can verge on overpowering. I find that it doesn't spread too well, which means that I am running out already, within only a few uses. 
This lip balm leaves a slight pink colour on the lips as well as the gorgeous strawberry smell. Its moisturising and non-sticky- a good alternative to my nivea or vaseline.
These are probably my favourite items from the collection. They smell amazing- not overpowering in the slightest. The lotion is the perfect consistency so it spreads easily. The shower gel isn't great for foaming, although I love the smell so much that I can live with that.

I love the packaging of the products- its very simple yet it ties in with the scents. My favourite is the body butters tub as it is a signature body shop design.

I enjoy using this collection very much and I also love the added bonus of having matching shower gel, body lotion, body butter and lip balm. The only downside of these products is that I can see them being used up pretty quickly- I guess I will just need to save them for a treat every now and again.

The lotion and shower gel are available for £6 here.
The body butter is available for £12.50 here - it has different packaging and it is 4x the size but its the same product.
The lip balm is available for £2 here - again, different packaging but it should be the same.

Have you tried The Body Shop's strawberry collection? Do you recommend any other collections they sell?


  1. The body shop's strawberry scent is hit and miss for me. I love the lip balm and shower gel but I'm not fussed on the lotions :-( I really want to find out how the new body mist smells though :-)

  2. I love the strawberry scents from the Body Shop but I've got it into my head that you can never buy anything from the body shop for yourself. Don't know why I think that... I need to get out of that!

    Daisie x