Friday, 8 June 2012

Organisation | My New Makeup Bag and Perfume Clearout

Hey Everyone!

Since my exams have finished, I have actually been feeling at a bit of a loose end- crazy I know, for weeks and months all I dream about finishing and now I have I feel weird because I don't have a heap of studying to do. So the other night I decided to go on a major organisation blitz as my make up drawer had gotten a complete mess. So without further ado, this is my new, reorganised make up bag:

I got the bag in the Cath Kidston January sale, it was down to something like £8 which is amazing as its really big. I have organised it so that my everyday toilettes like moisturiser, deodorant and face wash are in the side-netted compartment, my tools and brushes are in the other inside compartment and in the main section is my most worn make up, arranged so that what I use the least is at the bottom and everyday products are at the top.

Also, if you have read this post you will know that I have a vast collection of perfumes and to be perfectly honest I was really struggling to get through them, so I decided I would just clear out those that I don't wear so its not as stressful deciding which to wear every morning. These are the ones I have decided to get rid of (some are going to my mum and the rest to the car boot sale I'm doing next week!)
I decided to chuck some of these as I wasn't fond of the scents (eg Just Me by Paris Hilton which has a really weird tang to it) and some because they make me sneeze (I think that's because they're cheap). 

So that's the results of my night of organisation. I also tidied my jewellery box (which had got in quite a mess over the last few months) and my nail polish and beauty drawers. Pretty productive I would say! Have you been inspired to organise your beauty collection lately?


  1. i love the makeup bag, i love how it has all of the different compartments (: x

    1. Aw thanks! Me too- it keeps everything so organised yay :) xx