Monday, 11 June 2012

Decor | Cute Up-cycled Glass Jar

Hey Everyone!

This is a bit of a different post today- decor I was inspired to create by similar ones I saw on pinterest and by my shabby chic obsession.
To make this, all I did was wash out an old glass coffee jar and fill it with a selection of pretty things. You could use anything; from sweets to dried flowers. I chose shells, pearls and sparkly jewellery as I like the contrast between them.
I then covered the lid in a Cath Kidston napkin and secured it with a white elastic band. You might notice that the napkin is the same pattern as my make up bag which I like as they tie in with the pink and green theme of my room.
As I mentioned, although my room is pink and green, I absolutely love shabby chic decor and I am trying to incorporate small hints here and there without changing my room entirely.

I love how simple yet pretty the jar is and how is adds a really interesting touch to an otherwise boring surface.

Would you consider giving it a go? Would you like to see more decor or DIY posts in future?

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