Thursday, 3 May 2012

Quick Updates

Hi Everyone!

How are we all? You might have noticed that I've been a bit quiet over the last few days on the blogging front. This is simply because I have been going to the library everyday and then watching alot of youtube videos (mainly zoella and sprinkleofglitter!).

I am also so happy to see that my little followers count has reached 72! Wow- I am so grateful to each one of you. I have also been receiving lovely comments and I feel so happy that someone actually reads what I write. So thanks!

Also, since I have a bit of time between exams, a couple of nights ago I decided to have a wardrobe clear out and complete organisation. I had a pile to give to charity, a pile to sell on ebay (which are actually doing quite well-yay) and a pile to keep. I then coordinated all of my hangers in according to item they hold. Pretty good going eh? Here's the finished result:

And then last night I washed all my make up brushes (the Real Techniques Stippling brush came up lovely!), cleaned all of my make up and organised my make up bags and drawers.

Final update, which you might have noticed, is that I have been changing my blog design over the past few days! I think I'm finally happy with it, and the increased width means I can add big pictures! Feel free to give me your opinions (as long as they're at least a bit positive!) in the comments.

Hope you all having a great day- I'm off to the library again (it's kind of becoming my second home)!

New Signature Yay ^

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