Sunday, 15 April 2012

Polish Post 3

Hi everyone!

I've not done this type of post in a while so I thought I would tell you about one of my favourites at the moment which is w7 nail polish. I got a set of three for Christmas from TkMaxx (I think!) though I have seen them available online for £3.45 per bottle. 

From left to right:
Metallic Mars
Metallic Venus
Metallic Mercury

Colour-They're all different shades of brown: metallic mercury is super-dense glitter, metallic venus has purple/blue tones and shimmer and metallic mars is an orangey brown with slight shimmer.

Consistency- My favourite- metallic mercury, has an amazing consistency. One coat and you're done. Metallic mars quite runny though and I think it would be better as an undercoat. Metallic venus has a good consistency too.

Brush- The brush works really well on my short nails and mostly the polish stays on my nail and doesn't 'leak' onto my finger.

Result- I love these polishes as they are gorgeous colours which I would have not considered buying myself. As mentioned, I am particularly impressed with the glitter one- you can see the results below.

Durability- As I've probably said in a previous post- I am terrible for biting my nail varnish off if I get the slightest chip. However, this stays at least a few days with no chipping even without a top coat so I resist the urge to bite it.

Rating- 10/10 for the metallic mercury, 9/10 for metallic venus and 6/10 for metallic mars.

Overall, I love these polishes and would highly recommend them. I am excited to try other shades of this brand. Have you tried w7 before? Did you like it?

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