Monday, 9 April 2012

New Jeans and OOTD

Hi Everyone!

I am actually pre-writing this post and scheduling it as I am off to Edinburgh at the weekend woo! No doubt I'll have a haul from there even though I'm trying to save, maybe I'll even treat myself to a Real Techniques make-up brush just to see what all the fuss is about?

So I've been wanting a pair of striped jeans for a while now and whilst out shopping on Saturday I found my perfect pair! I actually originally was looking for a pair of black and white stripes, but I found this grey pair and I love them.                                


From: Internacionale
Price: £16.99 with Student Discount
Fit: Amazing- I don't need a belt for once
Quality: So far so good, they feel like they'll last well
Why I love them: The vertical stripes are super flattering and really elongate the leg
Trend Spotter: A definite key piece for spring/summer
Rating: 10/10 

And my OOTD: 
I paired these jeans with a plain white vest top (don't want to overdo it with another attention grabbing piece on top), a grey hoodie and a grey scarf. How coordinated am I?!

Jeans: Internacionale
Vest Top: Primark
Scarf: Accessorize
Hoodie: Hollister

That's all from me! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend :)


  1. nice jeans :)
    i also really want to get a pair of striped jeans because i think i'd like to look taller so they should help :)
    nice blog,
    (take a peek and follow if you like ) (:


    1. Thanks! Definitely they do. Thank you :) Oh I am following xx

    2. Thanks! Definitely they do. Thank you :) Oh I am following xx

  2. I really like these, but there's no way I could pull them off!

    1. I totally get where your coming from- like a year ago I would not go near skinny jeans like these! But you know what- one day I just took the plunge and honestly I've not looked back. I still won't go all out in a pair of bright yellow ones but you might actually be surprised at what you can actually wear :) xx

  3. they're really cool! still trying to find the perfect pait for myself.. xx

    1. Thanks! Oh keep looking you'll find them! xx