Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Winter OOTD

Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited to see my followers slowly increase day by day and I love getting comments from you guys it reminds me that I'm not just talking to myself and someone is actually interested!

Today I thought I'd do a winter themed Outfit Of The Day. Since spring is just around the corner I thought I'd put this post up to get the final few uses out of my rainy day clothes (though knowing the weather in Scotland, my rainy day clothes will be lasting me well into July!) 

Jeggings: Primark
Mac: Lipsy @ Next (Sale £80 down to £30!)
Scarf: Accessorize

I love this outfit because it is the perfect combination of comfort, practicality and I think its really nice in comparison to usual waterproofs.

The jeggings are comfortable yet they are a bit loose around the waste and it doesn't help that they don't have belt holes. I opted for braces under the jacket which actually set the outfit off well.

I love love love the mac- it goes with almost everything and is totally suited to winter. However, I had a bit of a dilemma when I first bought this as it was extremely creased and the label said do not iron. I ironed it anyway and it was fine, though I'm still not completely satisfied.

Also, the scarf is great. Like the mac it matches everything and is super cosy even though it looks pretty thin.

So that's all from me today! As ever I'm going to watch some Kardashians before bed. 

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