Saturday, 18 February 2012

Soap & Glory: Thick & Fast Mascara

Hi :)

Hope everyone's good! I've had a great day, experimenting with all my nail polishes and attempting new nail art. No doubt there will be a post about the results next week!

As you will know, last week I bought ELLE magazine and with it came Soap & Glory's Thick & Fast Mascara. I was very eager to try this because I am absolutely obsessed with Soap & Glory! I decided that today was the day to wear it and already I love it!

It claims to create 'amazingly, longer, fuller, fabulous' lashes. It definitely made a difference- it added a lot of volume to my lashes and really opened up my eyes. It also added a bit of a curl to the lashes which is really great. I would definitely use this on a daily basis, and when my current Clinique one is finished, I will be replacing it with this. 
Please excuse the lack of make-up, I thought the mascara would be seen better if it was the only thing I had on!

I also love the brush of the mascara. It is one of the biggest I've seen, which must contribute to the volume it gives. Also, the brush is pointed at the end, and I think the angle leading to the point is perfect for my bottom lashes. I usually have a problem reaching my left bottom lashes, but this brush is really effective and coats them easily. 

I like this mascara, though I would say its not the best I've ever tried. I think it could add a little more length, though I think I might be a bit biased as my current mascara is really lengthening. It also took a little longer than I would expect to dry, though I guess this is only a problem if your wearing glasses (like me!). 

Overall though, I think the mascara is absolutely great! I think it was definitely worth the £3.90 I paid for ELLE, though I don't know if I would spend the full £10 for it. I think if I were to buy it again I would wait till it was on offer, which I don't think would be a big problem as Boots are always doing 3 for 2! 

That's all from me today hope everyone is having a lovely weekend :)

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