Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Polish Post 1

Hi Everyone!

I am so happy to see my followers number slowly increasing! So I thought that I would start doing a 'Polish Post' every now and again since I am absolutely obsessed with painting my nails! Only problem is, they are pretty short and I cannot keep one colour on my nails for more than a day because I am so fidgety. However, I thought I would show you designs and colours that I particularly like. 

So I'll start today with my pink polka dot mani:

Usually I stick to one colour but yesterday I thought I would try something different after seeing this post on MUA's blog. Obviously mine is no where near as perfect, but I thought I'd give it a go.

I started with two coats of the white polish from Avon: Nail Experts French Manicure Set. I would have just used one because I'm not really a fan of lots and lots of coats but it wasn't opaque enough and my nails were still visible. After the coats had dried, I applied a spot of each of these pink colours on each nail:

I used a range of shades of pink, names of which are as follows (from left of picture to right):
  • MUA Shade 16
  • Miss McCole Flawless Finish Perfect Pink
  • Nails Inc. London in Shade 098 beauchamp place
  • Evie Mai (No shade for this sorry)

I then added detail with MUA Pro Extreme Felt Liner Black. My hand wasn't particularly steady but I will keep practising until I get as good as the MUA blogs example (nevergonnahappen?!).

I finished with a top clear coat of Miss McCole Flawless Finish Crystal Clear. I was impressed because I expected the liner to smudge but this kept it on my nail as long as the polish! 

This look took me around 20 minutes to achieve which I would say is pretty worth it. 

Hope everyone has had a good night- I've been watching the BRITS of course, gutted Jessie J never won an award and annoyed about Adele getting cut off, but apart from that it was great! I'm already planning my next polish post, I'm thinking of making it a weekly post? Anyway, that's me from today.

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